Cleveland’s Greatest Hits

Cleveland’s classic hits are on Majic 105.7, WMJI. With a format that mirrors the pace of northeast Ohio, WMJI reflects the sensibilities and sounds that make northeast Ohio so unique. The music celebrates Cleveland’s heritage, and helps keep the lineage between the music we love, and the institutions we cherish such as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, that make our hometown so great. Want to reach an affluent consumer? Position your brand on one of the most consistent, top performing stations in the country.

A true original, WMJI’s mornings are anchored by Nolan, Malone and Kullik, who along with producer Tracy Carroll, bring humorous talk and engaging conversations intertwined with a ‘who’s who’ of guests range from entertainers, to local political leaders to celebrity chefs, titans of industry. Like its sister station WTAM, WMJI mornings provide a ‘lean in’ experience that deliver your commercial message into the center of the most fun conversations in broadcasting.

Each spring, WMJI celebrates why we are the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame city, with the Majic Moondog Coronation Ball, an annual concert featuring legendary rock and roll artists that can trace its beginnings to the original Moondog Coronation Ball hosted by hall of fame DJ, Alan Freed at the fabled Cleveland Arena (the nation’s first official rock concert!).

  • Call Letters: WMJI
  • Dial Position : 105.7 FM
  • Brand: Majic 105.7
  • Target Listener: A 35-65

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